Top ten activities that make me happy

June 24, 2017

Recently we finally moved out of our old apartment and into a new larger apartment and it’s awesome. It’s no more than a year old and feels very fresh compared to the old one. It’s also larger with an extra room, dishwasher (!) and closer to the city centrum and everything is basically better. The move also showed me just how easy it is to collect stuff and things; I had a lot of things hidden away in a small storage room/closet in the old apartment.

Now I like to buy stuff, I like to collect things and I love the feeling of opening packages and the smell of “new”. But when looking at the amount of forgotten stuff I have you’ve got to wonder: how much happiness do you get from the stuff? And what actually makes you happy?

This is what I believe (rightfully or wrongly) to be the top ten activities that makes me happy, in no particular order:

  • Do stuff with Veronica (walk, talk, …)
  • A calm regular evening with Veronica
  • Training (currently BJJ and power lifting)
  • Play games (boardgames, cardgames or computer games)
  • Hang out with friends
  • Make things
  • Solve problems
  • Eat and enjoy good food and drinks
  • Read books, manga or other stories
  • Watch quality tv series, movies or other videos (includes streams of different kinds)

These activities notably do not require a large amount of stuff or money. Maybe it’s a good idea to prioritize these things instead of collecting more stuff.

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