This is a somewhat curated list of my projects. You can find more on Github.

Master's thesis

My master’s thesis made during the spring of 2015 where I developed a first version of Comordo Technologies’ recommendation system.


A third-party api for retrieving scheduling information from timeedit written in rust. Realized with a simple cli. Used to fetch schedule for Linköping’s University.


Me and two other students made a VHDL implementation of the Core Wars 88 standard. Core Wars is a computer game where two programs compete and try to destroy each other, read the wiki for more info. MARC is a microprogrammed processor with a Redcode assembler.


This is a collection of algorithms used in competitive programming. There are also slightly hacky commandline submit scripts for kattis and UVa. See my uHunt profile for a list of solved UVa problems.


Some fast game prototypes. Most were made in 7 days or 48 hours.


Ludum Dare 33


Ludum Dare 22

Grand Thief Arto

Java Course

Where's Teddy?

Game Design course