The first (worst) post

Well, here it is: The opening post. What will come here? Here’s where I’ll outline what the blog will be about and maybe, if I’m dedicated, it won’t die before Christmas you think.

And sure, you’re right. I will run away to the corner in about two and a half months crying I never got the traffic I’m fantasizing about but I can try to summarize the site in one sentence: I’m going to make a themed game every month. There, I’ve said it. Tired and scared of wasting my time with a monster-project I’ve decided to use the experimental project model. Basically I’m going to make a game in 7 days, kinda like God made the world. And I’m alone making these games, all the gfx, the sound and the code.

If this got you interested check back regularly for some cool (I hope) games and read my posts.