Postmortem: Balls

So it’s been what? Two, three years since I discovered the art of programming and I haven’t made one single game?! Well now I’m not counting the visual basic nightmare mastermind I made a long time ago but a real game. Whatever that means. I’ve had these monster-projects;

Somewhere about now I got interested in Indie games. I think World of Goo was the first but I’m not really sure. Maybe armadillo run or bridge builder? Damn! I couldn’t even google the link to bridge builder aka pontifex 3 - all I found was a thousand torrent sites…

But what I did find was kloonigames, some guy who did the same thing I’m doing. Or I’m doing the same as him: following the footsteps of the Experimental Gameplay Project. Making a game in 7 days, something surely impossible, and I haven’t even made any game before! Oh crap! But as Petri (kloonigames dude) so elegantly put it:

My experiences told my that creating, even a small, game takes months, if not years. So to do it in 7 days seem frightening. And not only the code, but graphics, music, sound, levels and all things included. I shit my pants even thinking about it and almost gave up. Luckily I realized that the worst thing that could happen (beside shitting my pants) was wasting a week of my life. I could do that easily with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon.

And here’s a summary of my first ever game Balls. It’s available here for download.

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly