Incomplete game coming up

Man I’m far too much of a perfectionist, with this mentality I’ll never get anything done - seriously. I spent far too many hours, even days, figuring out in my mind how the game should be and I started off going for nothing less than just that. But it turned out to be a lot harder and a lot bigger but still I couldn’t let it go and start over with something new, something fresh.

I wonder isn’t this something very common? Not just in game development but for everything in life; we always stick with our idea of perfection and stuff that we’re familiar with, trying hard not to do something different and unfamiliar. I can honestly say I’ve tried to make something fresh and different but maybe that’s my problem. I’m trying too hard and when it’s impossible I still won’t let it go… Just maybe it might work if I do it like this… maybe?!

No this month’s game is going to be crap, I can see it. Polish, which I believe is the single most important ingredient in a game, is non-existent. And worse yet, the gameplay is bad - in fact it’s even worse, it’s unplayable and boring! Never mind that I’ll give myself tomorrow to give the game a bit more love in the hope of making it just a tiny bit less sucky.

What do you think; should I release the game - no matter what - after one week and ignore my need for perfection or should I give the unfinished and “bad” game more love so it might be a little better and a bit more fun to play?