Postmortem: Bugger

It’s time for the follow up on my latest game Bugger.

Wow it seems like forever since I begun this monthly game business, but it’s only been two months since I first thought about this and here I am having finished my third game. I’ve really come a long way, in the beginning I though I’d only make state of the art crap games. Like I would struggle to even get a Tetris up and running. That’s partially why I decided to make Balls.

Anyway I started out with a small idea: speed-typing. It later turned out to be bugs you killed, but that’s of minor importance really. They were supposed to bind to the theme Failure by letting the average gamer feel how a programmer fight for his life against bugs. Bugs are for those who don’t know errors in your program - they can be as simple as a wrong letter in the wrong place causing havoc in the game or a bigger thing like a fundamental flaw in your game. Think about the balls who got stuck in mid-air in Balls. That’s a typical bug…

If I followed the theme good or bad you be the judge. Personally I don’t think it was as clear as I’d want it to do but meh.

The game itself took 25 hours to make - but more than 5 hours of them was me having a break. Here’s a little jummy pie of what took time:

Compared to my two other games I spent a bigger part on both graphics and level design - and that was sourly needed imho. The “embedding scripting” part is where I built in the ability to build levels from lua. I think the result was really good and it saved a lot of time just being able to edit a file without having to recompile every single little change.

You can make your own levels too, just open the “levels.lua” file in a text editor and make your changes. I won’t explain anymore since it’s really simple.

I’m also using about 1/5 of my working time to rest. Jikes! That’s almost too much. But I dunno, it really hurts staring at your computer screen hour after hour. My longest session - without a break, even a bathroom one - was almost five hours. I totaled more than 10 hours that day I think.. As always I do the bulk of the work when I’m out of time. The last two days were responsible for at least 90% of the work!

I guess you could say that’s a lesson: you’re most productive, and ambitious, when you’ve got a smoldering iron up your ass.