MenuCity: Level 0 Walkthrough

It hasn’t even been a week since I released my latest game MenyCity and already so much positive feedback! I’m so thrilled :) However, all isn’t blue skies and nice sunshine. A lot of times the first question is: How do you play it? or How do you get past the first level? I admit yes, the tutorial is really bad…

So this is me trying to redeem myself! I can’t go back and change the game and make a better tutorial - that would violate my limit of 7 days for each game so here’s the next thing. A nice walkthrough with a lot of pictures explaining the basics and it’ll show you how to actually complete the tutorial! :p

This is you in the first level.

The big thing seems to be your ability to pick up stuff. Use the down key to pick up a block. The yellow stripey things are there to show you how many times you can pick up a block, so be careful.

You can climb one block up with the up key, naturally with or without a block on your head.

If you fall down you can’t get back up, here it’s okay - but don’t move too far to the left! Then you’ll get stuck and you can’t turn to drop the block.

Put down the block with the same key you picked it up - down. Notice that the block went all black and you can’t pick it up anymore. This will be the cause of some real frustration later on, trust me.

And here we go! All we have to do now is climb up that silly looking city silhouette and walk to the goal. And we’re done! =)

Hopefully you’ll find this helpful if you’re stuck and dunno wtf this game is all about. If you want a walkthrough on some later levels just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.