An invisible Remake

What does a guy like me do when not working on a new game? Except living my life, being a coach for my little brother’s hockey team and eating strawberries? The last week or so I’ve been working hard with my webpage, yes this page. If you’ve visited my site before today you’ll know what I’m talking about.


There’s practically zero visible difference. You might notice the ‘Quick n Dirty File Download’ or the little line of text towards the bottom of the page, or even the ability for multiple tags! That’s kinda freaky stuff eh? And only +1 week to do that! :D

The big thing was actually a complete rewrite of the whole site. From really bad and random spaghetti code I managed to produce some half-nice code. I wrote the site with Kohana which was a blast to use! If you’re making a page of some sort I can heartily recommend to give it a try.

Soon it’s time for some game making again, I just need a good idea… hm.