A Geek Valentine

Yes! I made it! It’s 22:22 on the very last day of February and I’ve been programming virtually non-stop for the past two days, my brain feels like mashed potatoes.

A Geek Valentine

Steer with the arrow keys.

Use spacebar to:

  1. Build the time machine
  2. Buy and place traps (Just face an empty square and choose a trop on the top right)
  3. Sell traps (Face and click)

Well it’s Valentine’s Day and as the geek you are this is the worst day ever. Luckily you havean almost complete time machine hidden here in the grass and if you could complete it you’ll be safe for now! But beware… The girls are searching for you! Place traps and run away!

This game, as usual, was made for The Experimental Gameplay Project. This time they asked for a short explanation on how the theme would fit together so here it is:

Rejection + Valentine’s day = feelings hurt

And you’re the one hurting all the girls’ feelings. Enjoy.

Music: Nighttime Falls, I’ll be Waiting for Her - ilocan18
Sound effects: Random from freesound
Rest: Me