Postmortem: A Geek Valentine

Ah man the mush in my brain is finally letting go and I’m starting to feel this tiny little programming urge again… This time it’s not Haskell or a new experimental game that’s luring me on, no this time it’s me longing to create this fantastic awesome epic RTS game. Sadly it’s a long way to go there…

Anyway let’s get this going!

A Geek Valentine isn’t a good game by any means, it’s really nothing special. The gameplay sucked really bad. It’s kinda funny as I told Sundb00m this would be my greatest game gameplay wise. Yeah right..

Hard Work Work!

This is a small graph which shows how I’ve worked for a straight week from the 22th to the 28th. The Y-axis is hours and the X-axis is days. The labels are for either work or break and the height of the green peaks if you check it on the Y-axis is the sum of both green and red. Green is for hours where I actually worked and the red is for when I had a break. You know food, clipping toenails, reading manga and playing counter-strike.

Total work time: ~25 hours
Total break: ~15 hours

Weekend work: 13.8 hours
Weekend break: 8.3 hours

The noteworthy thing about this is that I spend more than half of the whole week’s worth of time in the weekend and I probably got even more done during that time. I think it’s the whole deal with being chased with a the brutal thing of failure that motivates me.

Graphical Adoration

About the game let’s start with the positive stuff. I really like how the game looks, it actually looks pretty darn good (even though I forgot about the girls’ turning, now they’re just looking forward). I’m really improving in a graphical sense, something I thought impossible when I began this journey.

Do something you Like

Like with a Big L. I felt I had a really nice idea going for this one. In the end it looked and felt like a bad pacman clone but this wasn’t what I had in mind at all. The idea was to build cool trap-combos sort of like in the Epic Game Evil Genius.

Here’s a plan for an über-trap in Evil Genius
Here’s a plan for an über-trap in Evil Genius

I really love Evil Genius and especially the base building but let’s face it - I failed. But the idea kept motivating me and it was really fun to try to make it happen.

A first small taste of an “AI”

How do the girls move? They have a 5x5 vision with a 2 radius (they’re in the middle) and they choose what to do. If they see the dude close to them either in front, left or right they’ll go there. Otherwise they’ll try to follow a path in front of them or to the left or right. Otherwise they’ll just go in a random direction.

They are extremely stupid and you can trap them in a never-ending loop fairly easy and it’s a stretch to say they have intelligence but it was pretty cool to dip my hand into AI programming. I know it’s extremely shallow and bad and stuff but still it was pretty rewarding to see them actually move around on their own…

I might actually develop this game further with special regard to AI. Change the core of the game so you can script both the player and the girls, just for laugh and giggles?

The game sucks but hey…

Yupp it’s not my best game, in fact I think it’s one of the worst. But I still like it a lot and my trap-building idea is still alive and I might develop the game more, improve the AI and focus on building traps (need a lot more cool traps damnet). Yes I think I might do that…