No game this month

Well here I am in the end of the month - without a game. It’s a failure I know but once again I lack inspiration and then it’s really hard to do something. Instead I’ve been thinking of something I could do that would make me wanna code like really bad again. I’m thinking of patching up this website, the forums are bugging me like hell as I didn’t write it, switching rendering framework for my games and just now today I’ve done a few Project Euler challenges in Haskell which was pretty fun (but hard as I’m really bad with it).

Next time I’ve got my sights on the Ludum Dare which instead of a seven day game is a two day game! We’ll see how that’ll go.. If I have the power and the time to.

I’ve also written a small piece about the Evolution of RTS games, heavily shortened to fit a perfect 5 pages a feat I’m quite proud of. Of course I wanted to write a hell of a lot more.

In short: Not much has happened and not a lot is happening but we’ll see what the future has in store.