Before the Games: The Site

I’ve got some things I want to do before I start with my next game and they’re all about improving the site. The last week or so has been extremely productive with me throwing out a lot of wasted code, speeding up the site and adding/removing features and I want to continue with that and get the things done now when I’m in the flow.

You can find the whole source for the site, excluding a few security related files ofc, on github where I’ve also uploaded a small to-do list and some ideas I might want to implement.

Here’s a small summary of the stuff:

  1. Allow editing all the information pages without doing it through phpmyadmin, merge it together with the post editing.
  2. Change the layout of adding comments and it’s preview, try unhide it.
  3. Fix the layout of search and possibly tweak the inner workings
  4. Revamp archive page, maybe use it as a sitemap?
  5. Add read next/previous posts on post and older/newer posts?
  6. Make comment editing work, for guests too.
  7. Statistics!! I have third party statistics but I want stats for the most active commenter and other stuff.
  8. A greater 404 page
  9. Refactor, remove garbage code and refactor some more.

I’m itching a little bit about a new game, but first thing’s first.