Competition Feedback

The voting is over and I got a few ratings I want to comment on. You can view all ratings and comments here.

They’re all from 1 to 5.

Innovation: 3.75
This is by far the most positive of the bunch and the one button timing combination worked great!

Fun: 3.29
Again a good grade and I thought the game was fun although it became really frustrating.

Theme: 3.17
The islands wasn’t very prominent in the game and the game could’ve been about anything really, but again I’m more than happy with the grade.

Graphics: 2.54
Very simple and with some more effort it would’ve been better. But I’m happy, programmer graphics ftw!

Audio: 2.14
I only had two click sounds but still got fairly high. Many decided not to vote on it and I wouldn’t either. They were just last minutes add-ons but good to see someone liked it.

Humor: 2.54
I didn’t focus on this at all but got some decent grades from it anyway. Not sure if my graphics are that ugly.

Overall: 3.13
The most prestigious grade and it’s okay. I’m absolutely happy with it, especially since my desperate hope was to get something playable out of this.

Community: 1.64
The community rating is for posts and stuff over at the Ludum Dare homepage. Sadly I didn’t spend time there, almost at all, so I can’t really say anything about this.

Overall I’m really happy with everything and I’m really happy with my relatively good grades.

I will do my very best to make my next game even better, but atm I can’t seem to decide which idea I want to work with (I have like 4-5 serious ideas I’d want to explore).