The great Hochstapler

Hey there. A lot has happened lately since my last update and my last game here.

I’m now a pretty happy student at Linköpings university and I’m reading something similar to Computer Science or Computer engineering, but I guess it’ll become whatever you make it to be. For starters we’re reading a bit math and a bit common lisp, which is fun but hopefully this is just the beginning.

Me and Veronica are now living in a fairly nice apartment and I think I’ve increased my cooking skills a few magnitudes since I got here. Admittedly that’s not a too big of an accomplishment…

I haven’t had any time, or energy, to focus on game development. There are a few things I’d like to do but we’ll see what happens. My friend on the other hand has been productive and he has just finished one of his big game projects: Hochstapler.

Hochstapler, the epic production from Gridlock Games
Hochstapler, the epic production from Gridlock Games

It’s a really fun game with some inspiration from the old commodore and I really recommend you to give it a try. The only downside is of course that I just can’t beat his highscore!