Going to University

I mentioned in the last post that I’m going to the university, which might explain my lack of activity here and for that I’m sorry. It’s not as hard as I had imagined, and I don’t have that much in school but there’s still a lot that’s going on. For example now how to make something which doesn’t focus on pasta or meatballs and I’ve also done the laundry a few times. These are all thanks to my girlfriend and without her I doubt that I would eat anything other than pasta and I would constantly wake up just to find that I don’t have any clean underwear left.

There are still a few homework things I need to do from time to time, but those are often either math or lisp which are pretty fun so no harm has been done to me yet.

I should really begin with the game making again now when my schedual is opening up a bit.

A secret preview of my latest game project.