Focusing Attention: Drawing

In my last post I wrote about some ideas and projects I have and how it’s a little bit too much at a time, so now I’m going to try something new here. In the beginning of every week I’ll declare something I’ll be focusing on and then that’s the only thing I should focus on on my free time. Just so I don’t drift off from irc bots in haskell to opening a new Erlang book or starting a game and then move on with another.

Not really so I don’t work on several things at once but so I don’t think about the other things too much.

This week I think I’ll be focusing on drawing. I kinda like to draw and I drew a lot when I was little but then it wore off a bit, I dunno why. I think I was pretty good too, well I didn’t think so then but when I look back at the drawings I’m sure I at least had something going for me.

Recently I bought the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain - I’m not really sure why but so far it’s been pretty darn good. Hopefully I’ll have some progress, but I’m sure I’ll have fun whether it’s a success or not.

Of course there are some amazing stuff around and if I could get a tenth or even one percentage of his skill it’d be cool has hell!