A Four-Eyed Update

Wow it’s been a while! Almost a month and a half since my last update. There I complained about my almost constant headaches which hampered me a lot actually. Luckily now I have joined the rank of cool.

I took home three frames I think and tried them out and I settled some I thought were fairly good looking, nothing special mind you but at least they didn’t look horrible on me. Then I went back and I settled on the semi-expensive ones and then I waited. And waited. Then I went back and asked but the glasses didn’t fit into the price class I’d chosen, something about the frames being too bent, so I had to pay some more.

Then I waited again, and a little bit more… until I called once more, now I was getting pretty pissed, but they should be here this Friday. They called on Thursday and finally I had them! It’s funny, I was going to demand some discount but even the pricier glasses didn’t fit and so I got some really expensive ones. Fair enough I thought and so I left.

The first few days were pretty disoriented, but man oh man what a difference. It’s funny how you don’t realize how bad your sight is before you get a pair of glasses and that really fit me well. Suddenly I didn’t have to stick my nose into the screen to see the text and today I was at school the whole day! Sure I’m a bit lazy sometimes but I also couldn’t concentrate like this before.

Life is good.