What's up

It’s been a while again since the last time we met mr. Blog. I’ve been busy with school and other stuff. I’ve thought about you but I just never really picked up emacs to write to you. I know it’s my fault but I beg of your mercy mr. Blog. You know that I had laid off school for a bit but now I’ve caught up with almost everything. I’ve got a bit of electronics left: 2 labs and one project assignment. It’s a pretty damn hard course but now when I’ve taken my time to sit down and go through everything it’s quite fun! It’s also a course over the whole semester so it’s not even done yet. The other thing I’m behind in is math. I chose not to do the last exam, so I can do it now in about a week.

I’m home in Övertorneå again and it’s fairly chill here. It’s pretty nice to eat food someone else has made, and I don’t have to think about holding the apartment afloat. Admittedly Veronica is a great help (I might actually be the help).

I’ve been meaning to program a bit but I’ve only done it a little, I’ve been watching starcraft and just chillin’ for the main part.

I’ll be sure to update a bit better for you mr. Blog.