Making a Game Again?

I’ve gotta do a lab today at school, tomorrow I need to do the exam I missed when I had my glasses-missing headaches and I’m going to Ikea and some other shops for, you guessed it, shopping! Sure it’s fun and sure I need to do these things but the only thing on my mind now is making a new game. This weekend Ludum Dare is on again and I would really, really like to enter it! It’s been over a year since my last Ludum Dare and almost 11 months since my last game.

I want to make games again..

I can’t promise a new game this weekend but I think I might have the time for some game creation on friday, saturday and sunday evening/night so I just might. The last time I even had a massage course the whole day on sunday/saturday so I should be fine.

This time I also think I can come up with some more sound and music compared to the last time (where I only had two thuds!). I got LMMS, a free music creation program. I really suck at making music though lol.

I haven’t made a game since I switched to Slackware either, luckily SFML is cross platform. I’ve also got my old 7days library, my collection of old game creating codebase which I was pretty proud of for a while.

For graphics I think I’m aiming for some pixelated cool stuff with mtPaint. Pixelated stuff looks awesome, if you’re good at it, and I’d like to make something similar.. At least a little similar.

Unreleased fun pixel graphics
Unreleased fun pixel graphics

So for a quick recap, if I’m going to make a game again this is what I’m going to use:

  1. LMMS for music
  2. SFML as the core game library (graphics, sound and input)
  3. 7days library for useful stuff
  4. mtPaint for pixel graphics

As usual it’ll be made in C++ (I might do something else another time) and I’ll probably listen to Raubtier, Sarah Brightman, Hans Zimmer and some classical composers (Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi etc).