My Minions

So I think I made it! It became a pretty different game from what I set out to create, but I’m glad with how it turned out.


Windows Linux 64bit

My Minions


Build a pathway and then place objects or release minions on it, everything must be on a path. Place musical objects or make the minions turn or split to make sound and create some music. Or you can create a digital circuit and make it do something fun.


Mouse Left - Place an object
1 - Toggle up through objects
2 - Toggle down through objects
Space - Release a minion
K - Kill all minions

P - Pause
Left Shift - Increase speed
Left Ctrl - Decrease speed

L - Load map
S - Save map

F1 - Console, nothin fun :(
F10 - Exit the game

Now beware, I didn’t have the time or energy to create a full blown level saving, so it will always use “level.dat” in bin as it’s save file. It will overwrite and it will do so without asking.


If you want to build it yourself it depends on: lua, boost and sfml.