Aah what a nice summer!

It was nice to be back in Övertorneå, doing nothing in particular. Just not having to make lunch and dinner every day is such a relief, and if you do slip up food with grandma or Veronica’s parents is only a phone call away. I watched TV, played rollercoaster 2 and simcity 4 and just killed time in front of my beloved (PC).

The only real work I did was clean the house a time or two and made food for my little brother Filip and did some exercises with him when my parents worked. But it was a pretty small price to pay as my mum helped me invest in a new computer! Of course dad couldn’t find out but that wasn’t so hard - I do live about 1400 km away from home anyway.

But now things are moving back to the way things were before the summer break; I’m back in Linköping cooking (lunch, dinner and breakfast), trying to remember watering our plants and generally enjoying life. Everything is almost set for Veronica’s return so I need to take it easy a bit before she storms into my life again tomorrow…

There’s a lot of stuff I need to reboot again; studying obviously but I also want to make more games and program a bit which I completely neglected the last months and taekwon-do is starting again! My first practice went to hell though, I almost managed to get a blackout as I didn’t drink nearly enough but oh well.

But the first step is to write a bit more here, I hear that’s a useful skill to have. Instead of taking a boring class I can just write stuff here I guess.