Getting Comfortable

So I physically built the computer and now I’ve been using it a while, configuring stuff and getting used to my new screens. I think they’re about three times wide as my old laptop and now I have this one huge vertical space which is absolutely wonderful for surfing forums and reading code. Damn I love coding on it! When I go back to the laptop I feel cramped..

And while we’re at dissing the old - I can never ever like another keyboard again! Well, at least not another rubber dome or scissor switch one.

No this day forward I’m a mechanical keyboard fantast. You might think I’m crazy but the difference is pretty huge, before my fingers got tired but now they don’t and it’s even fun to type again!

If that got you interested you need to read this geekhack post, it’s nice to say the least.

Back to my screen setup again - yes everything with my new computer is either the monitors or the keyboard - I wanted to use xmonad without relying on xfce this time. I like xfce as a truly lightweight window manager but a tiling window manager is just vastly superior, and the xfce statusbar is pretty ugly..

I set up a nice looking statusbar and some stuff on the desktop with conky. I’ve been wanting to set up a todo list and while I was at it I put up my assignment due dates and my schedule too. And never forget the ever so important manga updates!

My dual screen setup

A nice little feature I added down on the right is the time in various timezones, they adjust to summer time on their own dates and they change the abbreviations too - from CEST to CET and so on.

Something that didn’t go smooth at all is the gaming - I couldn’t ever get any games to work with wine! After a while I found out that an older driver solved the problem, but most games still don’t work with dual screen. So I kinda have to switch between two config files, but that works too I guess.

All my config files are up on github as well if you’re interested.