Design for Hackers

I get these.. urges sometimes. Not like Dexter no, but sometimes I just have to buy a specific thing. It happened again yesterday (or was it the day before I don’t know) when I saw this post on hackernews.

It’s a book this time, again, but this is something a little different - it’s about design. Now I know nothing about design but I’ve enjoyed designing some sites and I really like to design games but I don’t have a clue how to do it in a structural manner. I just try different colors and different stuff until “hey that looks kinda good” and it’s done! That’s not how you make something useful or something that looks good - good design. But this book seems to teach you just that!

It’s a book for hackers, in the original non-journalistic definition, and it explains stuff in a logical manner! Now I might get a feel for why I think something looks good and I might even be able to improve on it? Happy times!

The only issue is that I promised myself to not order any more programming books until I’ve gone through the ones I have - but this isn’t one so it should be okay! So now I made myself to promise that I’ll do the math assignments for the week and then I can order!

Instead of writing this I really should do them then.