Done this, done that. What now?

Finished and uploaded our java game Grand Thief Arto, done an exam (didn’t quite go as intended) and starting some new courses in school. I’m liking my choice of Computer Science more and more. Data structures and Algorithms was a super fun course, I actually ordered a new book about the subject just yesterday. Linear Algebra is really fun now as we’re getting deeper into it and we’re looking into assembly and processor structures now too. Awesome. I can’t believe I considered doing physics or electronics when I could take these courses. Now if I only could do operating systems, compiler construction and language design…

In the meantime I’ve finished Design for Hackers and it was a really nice book to be honest. I never knew there was so much about design and now I keep noticing funky stuff like what font a particular website is using, what colors and how they direct the reader. I also see a lot of inadequate stuff on my page and I have a few things I’d like to try.

I also read Watchmen, the comic, and it was absolutely wonderful. Sadly I saw the movie before but, naturally, the comic was a lot better. So wonderfully dark and ah… Simply awesome.