Swelling with New Shiny Books

So I read the wonderful Design for Hackers and I managed to win some money for books from a course… So I ran away and ordered some new books, and they just arrived today. Yay!

First off I ordered Introduction to Algorithms which is the de facto book about algorithms and it seemed like a fitting thing to do as I won it by doing algorithm assignments.

Secondly I’ve been wanting to grab Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs for a while and I finally did. It’s one of the classical computer books you have to read once in your life (or so they say).

I wasn’t going to get a third book, but on adlibris where I got the vouchers you couldn’t pay with two vouchers on one order. So I had to split it up and it felt kinda dumb to not use it all… So I ordered a third book. I had no idea what book to get though, but stackoverflow came to the rescue! It’s a bunch of answers to the question “What is the single most influential book every programmer should read?” and is like a top X list for programming books.

Incidentally I’ve got a few of those already, and the two I’ve already decided on was there (SICP is 3rd, Introduction to Algorithms 5th). Of course I wanted to get either the 1st or 2nd and I ended up choosing the 2nd one, The Pragmatic Programmer just because it seemed a bit easier to read. I’ve got a ton of fairly hardcore programming books I need to plow through so something a bit easier to digest should be welcome.

Go go programming books!