A Nice Weekend

I’ve had a pretty nice weekend. On Friday MLG Orlando began and I’ve been staying up to 2 and sleeping until at least 10 the last days. My inner night-owl is very happy about it, my early-rising girlfriend perhaps not as much, but I think she’s a bit understanding?

On Saturday we cleaned the house for Christmas and hung up a star and stuff like that. It was brutally hard work (laugh if you like) but I pulled through without dying too much. Saturday night was full of StarCraft again though so it’s fine!

What about Sunday then? Even more StarCraft of course!! IPL had some grand tournament, which Stephano won of course, and MLG had it’s final day. In the middle there somewhere we had some taekwon-do and I did some laundry. With that done I sat and shouted at my chosen ones in the tournament and they did do okay, not like I had hoped but still. Leenock managed to win MLG which is pretty damn awesome.

Now I need to adapt to a normal life again, with school and Ludum Dare coming up.