Ludum Dare 22 Here I Come

The time has finally come. After more than three hours of exam writing, and almost double spent on studying for it, I am now ready to declare my entry into Ludum Dare 22! I’ve been away far too long, with my entries for the 17th and the 20th dare being almost a century away, the ancient game making creature will once again move into action. We’ll just hope the game won’t be ancient as well…

Leaving that behind us I can now focus on what to actually use. I wanted to try some new language and some new environment but that seems lika a really bad idea. So I will stick to what I know:

My fast prototyping library consisting of old C++ on top of the nice SFML engine. sfxr, or maybe the newer bfxr for sound effects. It’s seriously great, give it a try! Probably mtpaint for some nice pixelated graphics. I would like to try out inkscape for some vector based graphics but I might skip it this time. LMMS for music making. This I tried to use a long time ago… And failed miserably. It’ll be a fun, fun weekend! And finally my little timelapse recording hack for linux. Be careful if you want to try it, it will most likely blow up in your face and take your computer down with it. Handle with care.

And of course here’s where I’ll be spending most of my waking hours:

Ludum Dare 22 setup
Ludum Dare 22 setup

I’m planning on getting some new food during all this, but I’m not entirely sure yet.