Ludum Dare 22 results!

The results from Ludum Dare 22 are in! I made the game Sat-E for the 48 hour competition and I was quite happy with it.

#24 Community 3.71
This one was really surprising, but welcome. I did post a cute picture of a korean k-pop star so I guess that’s why.

#40 Fun 3.38
Fun is always great! I’m so happy ^^

#49 Theme 3.69
I thought my theme choice (Wall-E in space) was good, seems like other thought that too.

#65 Overall 3.42
This is supposedly the “best” category to do well in so I’m glad. I did a lot better than I thought I would…

#95 Humor 2.82
Damned blast I should’ve focus more on the funny one-liners.

#167 Mood 2.92
If I make a better version of the game this is probably the one thing I would focus on. But that is a thought for another time.

#247 Innovation 2.69
Not very innovating I agree.

#338 Audio 2.23
No music = shit.

#340 Graphics 2.62
I guess I’m not that good of an artist, but tell me something I don’t know!§

#376 Coolness 35%
The coolness factor = amount of games rated. I wasn’t motivated at all sadly… I’m a game developer but I don’t play much games? I’m so strange.