Favourite Programming Language

All the programmers love to promote their favourite language, or to hate on others. Now I read a post which claimes my favourite language is not good enough! But he’s correct of course, there is no one language to rule them all. You should always choose the mest language for the job, be it C or Ruby, but most don’t learn enough of them. Maybe he’s right, maybe we’re all just lazy?

Whatever the reason I certainly have a favourite language, or rather a few. If I would have to name one I would probably say Perl, just because I’ve had the most fun with it! I do enjoy C++ and as I’ve made most of my precious games in it that’s a good candidate. Haskell is absolutely awesome and so is Lisp. There I’ve listed 4 favourites! But of course I don’t care about that really, I tend to fall in love with most of the languages I use.

Well I don’t particulary like Ada… But I do admit it has some nice features, and the error messages are great! But how about Java then? I’ve been joking around a lot with it but to be honest I don’t really hate it. Sure there are better alternatives but there are good points. The JVM, the libraries and the simplicity of it appeals to me. Maybe it’s not simple but I’m used to the thinking.

To echo his suggestion: learn new languages. I’ll add that don’t just learn them: use them for something real and learn to love them! And don’t just learn similar languages (from C++ to Java isn’t worth it) but try to switch it up a bit (try C++ to Haskell). You’ll find you’ll be a better programmer when the dust settles, and you can actually choose a language gwith the strengths for a particular prolem.

End rant.