Motivation is Valuable

It’s funny how motivation can play such a huge role with my productivity. I’m currently having two math courses; one mandatory about analysis in multiple variables and vector analysis and one voluntary about advanced linear algebra. I don’t like the analysis course, didn’t like the previous ones and I don’t like this one.I don’t fall asleep on lectures ever and I always try my best to listen but this one is pretty horrible. Not sure if the teacher or the content is to blame?

On the other hand the linear algebra course is fun and intriguing. Every lecture I’m always surprised when it ends “already 2 hours?”. This is so funny because I’m not really convinced why this is happening, are the courses or the teachers that different? Sure that’s probably true, but mostly I think it’s my motivation that’s hurting me.

“Linear algebra seems fun! It’s hard but I will manage it.” vs “Pah analysis again. Damn the first lecture was boring, this course is boring”. I do like linear algebra more and I think it’ll be much more useful for me in my programming career but analysis isn’t so bad, not this degree. I think my motivation blow ups my it into bigger proportions than it really is.

It’s pretty bad, we have exam in two weeks and I have literary done nothing in the analysis course… Now I need to study hard if I want to complete it but the lack of motivation is just sooo hard to overcome. Sometimes I think I don’t have the mentality to be a good student. Many of my class mates are in school the whole day, every day, while I try to be in school as little as possible.