A lot has been going on lately and it feels like I’m being swamped. I can’t complain too much but there are things I’d like to change after the exam period this week.

  1. Program more!
    I have seriously done nothing since christmas or someting. I need to finish:
  2. Ada project for school. Can’t believe I still haven’t done it.
  3. New web page. Need to track down a good perl hosting service and actually finish the site.
  4. Game for my little brother to create graphics and tweak some code in, I want to teach him to code during the summer! That’s a good healthy challange for me.
  5. Ludum Dare 23 in April, yay!
  6. Serious Taekwon-do training.
  7. Don’t fall behind too much in school. This time I’m hurrying like mad to catch up before exam and I’m actually worried. This shouldn’t happen! I didn’t even go to a single lesson this time.

Just wanted to get that out there.