Entering Pintos

First week of school is over and it’s been full throttle from the start, in a good way. We’re having four courses and for once I like them all. We have an interesting math course, a useful course “Software Development in Theory” (boring but useful) and a big project course where we shall build a robot. That’ll be fun! But my favourite course so far has been the course about operating systems where we’re supposed to add functionality to pintos, a toy operating system from stanford.

It’s one of the things I’ve been wanting to learn every since I first came in contact with programming; How does the connection hardware to software work? How does an operating system work? And how does a programming language work? After two years, with implementing a processor last year as a high point, I think I can answer how hardware connect with software. I still need to implement my own language but for now I’m having fun with OS programming. Yesterday I implemented basic System Calls and next on the agenda is altering some thread stuff. I might make the code available when the course is over, and maybe even add even more stuff? Fun, Fun!