5 Kup

After a season with very bad attendence, I blame school and lack of motivation, I still went to grading. I slept well but I was super stressed all weekend so I had to constantly run to the bathroom and I couldn’t eat lunch or breakfast properly, and I don’t usually get nervous…

Anyways the grading went well, the kids where absolutely great! They trained 6+ hours on Saturday and 4-5 hours on Sunday and they never complained or made any trouble whatsoever. I’m so proud!

My grading went well, I was worried about some jumping kicks… But I didn’t need to do them! The sparring went okay, but nothing really admirable, I guess I need to show up to more trainings. The breaking didn’t pose any problem and the patterns went well, although I got super tired by the end.

At the end I succeeded in leveling up, next one is a blue belt! I really, really need to work on my kicks though.