2012 in Review

Like the last two years I’m summarizing the year. At the end of the year like this it always feel like I didn’t accomplish much, but after the yearly summary it always feels better.

2012 Geek Achievements

  1. Designed a processor which fulfills the Core Wars 88 standard. Includes a redcode assembler.
  2. Went through pintos in school and learned a lot about operating systems.
  3. Began a new website.
  4. Wrote some Ruby in conjunction with Jekyll.
  5. Learned some Rust and wrote a small irc bot with it.
  6. Took an advanced mathematics course in Linear Algebra, it was fun!
  7. I was a mathematics mentor to the first years in Discrete Math.
  8. Won the “best CV” award from Ericsson during Linkdagarna.
    Here’s the CV (in Swedish) and here’s the latex file which produced it.
  9. Got top 3 in IMPA, I did participate three turns out of five.
  10. Participated in prog-SM and won a t-shirt! (Or three…)
  11. Solved a lot of problems on UVa.
  12. Migrated all my private projects from github to bitbucket.
  13. Wrote a lot of C.
  14. Wrote some C++.
  15. Wrote some Perl.
  16. Made a robot.
  17. Read one programming book - The C Programming Language.

2012 Non-Geek Achievements

  1. Me and Veronica had a good year.
  2. Achieved 5-kup in Taekwon-do.
  3. Read 20 books.
  4. Read a lot of manga. Battle Royale was the highlight of the year I think.
  5. Read some manwha. Possibly better than manga??
    • Tower of God (my favourite manga/manwha atm)
    • Magician
    • The Breaker New Waves
    • Noblesse
  6. Discovered Power Grid, a German Style Boardgame.

2012 Failures

  1. Did not write enough code.
  2. Did not participate in Ludum Dare.
  3. Did not write a new game.
  4. I have a mechanic course behind me…

Plans for 2013

  1. Take care of Veronica.
  2. Complete a hardware project
  3. Try out some yoga.
  4. Learn about compilers.
  5. Take some fun courses.
  6. Achieve kup 3 in Taekwon-do.
  7. Develop this site a bit.
  8. Bigger and better blog posts.
  9. Work hard(er?) in school.
  10. Code more.
  11. Read more books.
  12. Fix the Failures of 2012.