2012 Read Books

I read a post, sadly lost the link, where the author had recorded all books she had read during the year and I thought it’d be pretty fun to do. So here goes, in a mostly ordered list.

  1. The Art of Learning - Josh Waitzkin
  2. Världens Whiskey
    More of a reference book.
  3. Linear Algebra Done Right
    Course book.
  4. Linear Algebra Done Wrong
    Course book.
  5. Effective Prototyping for Software Makers
    Course book, selected chapters.
  6. Över Näktergalens Golv
  7. På en kudde av gräs
  8. Optimeringslära - Kaj Holmberg
    Course book, great both as a learning tool and reference book.
  9. Dune - Frank Herbert
    A truly great book, the sci-fi world is amazing.
  10. Under lysande måne
  11. Fit Forever - Dolhp Lundgren
  12. The Book of Cain
  13. Dune Messiah - Frank Herbert
    Not quite like the first book, but still brilliant.
  14. Lärjungen
  15. The C programming Language - Kernighan and Ritchie
    Did not do all exercises, really good book.
  16. Software Engineering
    Course book.
  17. Operating System Concepts
    Course book. Pretty good, although a bit wordy at times.
  18. Linear Systems and Signals - B. P. Lathi
    Course book. Quite good.
  19. XO - Jeffery Deaver
  20. The Definite Book of Body Language - Allan & Barbara Pease
    Very informative and also pretty funny.

All in all, I did not read that many books this year. I did start on a few which I never finished for various reasons.