Faster than Light

So I returned to Faster than Light again this weekend, this time for real. I bought it when it came out and I played it only in passing, but this weekend I played it a ton.

Aaahh a new beginning in FTL. Will it be death once more
Aaahh a new beginning in FTL. Will it be death once more

I generally don’t like games where you have to restart after you die, I have a tendency to get really upset when things go badly. Yes I do rage quit when I play cs. But I really liked FTL for some reason. It is frustrating sure, especially when you’re facing the final boss once more, and once again you fail to beat him. I think I played 20 rounds from Friday to Sunday and yet I couldn’t beat him.

Until now.

I beat him using The Torus, with two scrap recovery augments and a drone recovery arm early on. Needless to say I went full blown drones and I had some nice shielding and cloaking going on, but it was still a hard fight. The feeling after was so satisfying! I practically jumped out of my chair in pure happiness and I messaged my friends and Veronica “I beat him! I beat him!”.

Since then (since yesterday) I actually beat him again, but this time without the big yahoo reaction I was hoping for. But… I’m still plaing on easy mode… Do I dare to try normal next time?