Long Term Goals

I have a lot of things I want to do. Right now I want to go to the kids training tomorrow and also to our training time. I haven’t trained a lot lately so it feels good to do something again and training the kids is very rewarding. On Monday I have the next graph theory lecture and I want to do all our lesson assignments until then. As I’ve beaten FTL on easy I really want to do it on normal as well. And I’m looking forward going to the restaurant with Veronica and a bunch of other stuff.

But sometimes it’s good to take a step back and take a look into the future a bit. What do I want to accomplish? What things do I want to do? What are my long term goals? This is an attempt to list some of them.

Black belt in Taekwon-do

I’ve been training for 2,5 years now and lately I’ve started to assist, and to hold, in the kids training and it’s great fun. Now this 3rd year in University the courses have become harder and I’ve also become more serious so the training has suffered a bit. But my long term goal with training has always been to have fun, maintain some shape and to get a black belt.

I associate being a successful programmer and having contributed to, or started, a popular open-source project. I want to become a successful programmer, but that’s not really a concrete goal, so I want to get myself out there and contribute.

Own a Snooker table

This is a somewhat random goal to be sure. I love to watch snooker and I always try to catch the World Championship - but I have never played it! I’ve played some eight ball and I loved it, but no snooker, and I’m a bit sad that I haven’t played more. Somewhere there this goal was born.

I want to have kids

I love kids and sometime I want to have them too. More than one preferably.