Minecraft Server Hosting

I play the phenomena that is Minecraft on and off. Sometimes the laid back building or the exploring is just what I need. Sometimes I can challange myself to build cool complex stuff and I’m even an avid follower of Doc’M and Etho and the other mindcrackers over at the youtube. Now brother Filip is an even more Minecraft follower than me and that’s the perfect setup for having my own minecraft server!

For the last couple of months I’ve had a server running on dotcloud’s sandboxed servers - it was literary free! A week or so ago they announced that they would turn off their sandboxed webapps and I had to turn my focus to something else.

Enter dedicated minecraft hosting! The very first host I laid my eyes on (I didn’t even search for anything else) was servercraft. At $7.99/month I thought they where pretty cheap. But they where pretty horrible. “Instant Minecraft Server setup in under 15 minutes!”. It took me about that long to get my first payment information and when I woke up that morning I could try out my new dedicated server.

Or so I thought. I could see the server flickering between online/offline through Minecraft and I couldn’t connect reliably. But at least I could connect right? I’m sure it’ll work! Let’s upload our map through ftp. With their upload speed it took me about 30 minutes to get it done, and I have 100 Mbit upload. But now that’s done, who cares about that right? Let’s see if my brother can log in.


Just for fun I browsed the minecraftforum and their dedicated server section if I could find something better. Preferrably something relatively cheap for about 5 players and hopefully with the ability to run Computercraft, a mod which allows you to program things. One of the most responded to threads was about MCProHosting. They offered a simple 5 player plan for $2.50/month and they seemed very active in the thread responding to queries and stuff. I decided to ask them if it would be possible to run a modded server and if they could help me set it up (I had no idea how to do it).

A while later I’m running a perfectly smooth server with them, with up to 23 players and a total controll over the server’s mods and I’m practically paying the same as before ($9.99)! I had contact with two different people who helped answer my questions and to help me with my mod installing, they seemed very cunning and very service minded. MCProHosting has been fantastic so far.

And about a day later servercraft responded to my unsubscribe mail (which I sent before looking elsewhere).