IDA Summer of Code 2014

IDA Summer of Code is Linköping University’s response to Google Summer of Code. Students can send in a project of their choice and if selected they get paid to work on it for 4 weeks during the summer. In return the university get to show off the students and their projects in marketing purposes.

As I’m writing this, my application got accepted and I will work on rust sometime during July/August. rust is mozilla’s new systems programming language focusing on safety and concurrency. I’m quite excited as one of my goals this year was to contribute, and now I will get paid to!

I am not completely sure exactly what I’m going to do, but things will get clearer when I actually start working on it. I will also make occassional blog posts of my thoughts and progress as I start working on it. As of now I’m working on my other summer job at Configura, which is also quite amazing and I should post a bit about that as well.