Notifications with xmonad/irssi/urxvt

So I’ve been idling on irc for years now and I’ve been using irssi for that, which works fine. I have not had notifications enabled, so I can see from the statusbar whenever someone messages me. As I’ve never been very active this has been fine, but now I figured it’s time to fix that.

Fortunately it was very easy, there’s even a perfect match for my setup in the xmonad documentation!

Here’s a summary:

Configure xmonad

In xmonad.hs, highlight with existing dzen (my statusbar).

Configure irssi

I used to only notify on selected channels.

Configure screen

In .screenrc

vbell off # or remove the existing 'vbell on' line {.bash}

Configure rxvt

In .Xdefaults

urxvt.urgentOnBell: true {.bash}