2014 in Review

Previous reviews: 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

2014 Geek Achievements

  1. Solved 73 UVa problems.
  2. Won a turn in IMPA and solved a bunch of problems.
  3. Completed a doctorand course about algorithmic problem solving.
  4. Finished my 4 first years in University.
  5. Became a contributor to rust and became a friend of the tree.
  6. Completed the online course Machine Learning in Coursera.
  7. Entered Ludum Dare 29.
  8. Had an awesome summer job at Configura.
  9. Entered IDA Summer of Code.
  10. Wrote a lot of Rust and C++.
  11. Wrote some CM, Racket, Haskell, Lua, Prolog and probably something else.
  12. Made a timeedit rust library, scheduling information for university.
  13. Made a habitrpg rust library, fetching info from habitrpg.
  14. Was a mentor in Discrete Math.
  15. Went to Dreamhack.

2014 Non-Geek Achievements

  1. Achieved 2-kup in Taekwon-do.
  2. Been mostly pain-free, well, better at least.
  3. Been a kids trainer in Taekwon-do. Very rewarding.
  4. Survived a couple of training camps.
  5. Read 20 books
  6. Wrote 32 blog posts.
  7. Played a touch of Go, the boardgame.
  8. Discovered Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, a nice boardgame.
  9. Also played Carcassone another great boardgame.
  10. Played some other boardgames.
  11. Read some manga and manwha.
    Kingdom was the year’s highlight.
  12. Got a few 12-win arena runs in Hearthstone

2014 Failures

  1. Did not complete my Ludum Dare entry.
  2. Did not start a hardware project.
  3. Got burnt out.
  4. Skipped an extra course in geometry and one in probability.

Plans for 2015

  1. Take care of Veronica.
  2. Achieve 1-kup in Taekwon-do.
  3. Do more strength training.
  4. Do some more yoga.
  5. Participate in Ludum Dare.
  6. Prettify the site.
  7. Code a lot.
  8. Read more books.
  9. Play some more boardgames.
  10. Complete the exjobb.
  11. Finish university studies.
  12. Get a job?