Installing Krita on Slackware 14.1

This is a guide on how to build Krita on Slackware 14.1. This is based on this guide for linux.

  1. removepkg calligra
  2. Install some dependencies from Slackbuilds. gsl libgexiv2 libpqxx pstoedit
  3. Get Krita.
    The original guide recommends building in ~/kde4 but I moved i to /opt/kde4.

  4. Configure and build.
    There’s a problem with tifflib. (My version is Krita: 2.9.6 (gitb804a35), you may or may not run into this problem).

    Change /opt/kde4/src/calligra/krita/plugins/formats/tiff/ from


    Then we can build

    Where X in jX is 1 + # processors. The build process is quite slow.
  5. Add /opt/kde4/inst/bin to PATH and /opt/kde4/inst to KDEDIRS.
  6. Register krita to the system kbuildsyscoca4, but worked for me without it (I don’t use kde).

And launch with krita.