Gruvbox Syntax Highlighting for Pandoc

Edit: I have updated the highlighting again so the inline code used as examples have changed. I guess I should’ve used images to record the look.

Recently when I reinstalled Slackware I decided to restyle my workspace as well. I settled on gruvbox with neovim and using the generalized package I also styled my terminal.

Then on a whim I wanted to restyle this site. When I built it I kinda left it without any styling at all, I guess the thinking was that it works and I can just tweak it later. Well it’s been more than 2 years now and I never got around to it. I guess what bothered me the most was the fact that I had a really crappy styling syntax highlighting and styling of code. So I decided to change it.

I couldn’t find any reference to highlighting pandoc styled like gruvbox, so I tried to emulate on myself. I use the darker one in neovim and in the terminal, but for the web page I used the lighter one:

This works with the highlighting-kate package which is what pandoc, and therefore Hakyll, is using.

Additionally to get nicer spacing and font these styles are used:

Currently I’m happy with the result and you can view the source of this site at