Long Term Goals Update

During my vacation I suddenly got a bunch of “life crisis” type thoughts in an almost panic inducing intensity. They were mostly thoughts about not having accomplished anything and that the future looks bleak and meaningless and it’s not worth to do anything. As usual they are mostly illogical and they usually subside fairly quickly. But they got me thinking of what I want to do with my life and what some of my larger goals are. Making yearly reviews is a great way of combating the “I haven’t done anything” thoughts.

I’ve written about some long term goals before. Let’s revisit them.

One can argue about the definition of a long term goal vs a short term goal. Generally it’s something I wish to have on my list of stuff I’ve done during my life.

I would also like to add two new goals I’ve been thinking about lately:

What I should do is to expand on my goals and think about why I want them and how I should accomplish them. For now though this quick overview is enough to calm down my anxious thoughts.