Weekend Tournaments

This weekend was filled by playing cards. On Saturday I hosted a small Game of Thrones tournament and on Sunday the local Netrunner community hosted a small summer kit tournament.

Game of Thrones

We’ve had a similar tournament once before when me and my girlfriend invited two of our friends and had a small 4 person tournament. The last time I was the only one with any cards and I had made 4 decks which we then drafted. Quite surprising to us my girlfriend Veronica the tournament and even admitted it was a fun experience. This time one of our friends Filip and I had practiced a bit and we even went to a regionals before while Veronica hadn’t played at all since the last tournament and the other friend barely knew the rules.

The tournament was a success and we had a good time. I managed to eek out a win against Filip but extremely surprisingly Veronica managed to beat us all once again. I’m still in shock and I’m still not sure how it all happened… Again. But I’m very proud of her of course! And this time she exclaimed how fun it all was, several times during the day! I’m sure it was fun killing, burning and killing us some more


Before this tournament I and after my latest tournament report I actually had two more tournaments; the regionals in Linköping and the ANRPC finals I qualified for. I was going to and actually stated a writeup but I was kind of tired of card gaming in general at that time. I simply had played too much. In the regionals I just barely made the cut and somehow ended up 2nd. For the ANRPC finals I did the classic error of taking two completely new decks and predictably crashed and burned. I did log the runner and corp decks for the regionals but didn’t for ANRPC, they were a classic Dumblefork and some sort of rush Argus.

This small 6 person tournament was the perfect thing for me to reinvigorate my interest in netrunner. I had a great time.

With MWL destroying the runner love of my life and with asset spam being rampant I was forced to choose a new runner. CtM punished me hard on jinteki.net so I decided to pack the hate. I was very close to choosing a killing corp but I decided to try to change my corp deck which went quite well during the regionals.

I did a ton of mistakes when I played and especially my corp wasn’t feeling all too great but somehow I managed to win the tournament! We also streamed the games I think 3 out of my 5 games got streamed. They should be uploaded to Youtube in time.