The 4-Hour Chef: Scrambled Eggs

I’ve been listening to The Tim Ferriss Show a while now and he and his guests often inspire me to make changes and start doing new things. I got introduced to Josh Waitzkin’s excellent The Art of Learning and the meta skill of learning has since then fascinated me. So when I got wind of Tim’s book about learning (and coincidentally also about cooking) I managed to get it for Christmas.

The 4-Hour Chef contains a framework for learning a new skill fast. Exactly what that entails, or if it even works, I might get into another time. For now I will focus on doing some of the cooking lessons in the book. I will do the basic lessons and then reevaluate if I should continue, if I even make it that far. Anyway he suggests to photograph and document the food you make and so I present to you the Scrambled Eggs I made this morning:

It was actually very good. Seasoned with Onion (should have been garlic!), Cumin and Mint.