2017 in Review

In contrast to previous years I haven’t kept up with the blog. For good reason I’d say since we got a child in October! It really alters your perspectives and other things suddenly feel a little less important and of course there’s less time to do other stuff.

A little late and incomplete perhaps but at least I’ll try to have an unbroken streak of reviews.

2017 Non-Geek Achievements

  1. Got a kid!
  2. Wrote 6 blog posts.

2017 Geek Achievements

  1. Picked my first lock.
  2. Studied a little Korean (haphazardly…).

2017 Failures

  1. No hobby programming.
  2. Didn’t read enough books.

Plans for 2018

  1. Take care of Veronica and Isidor.
  2. Parental leave.
  3. Move to a house in another part of the country.
  4. Write some more.
  5. Read some more.
  6. Train some more.