I'm writing a book: Why Cryptocurrencies?

I decided to write a book. It’s called “Why Cryptocurrencies” and I will be uploading chapters as I complete them. It’s available to read online for free. I’ve only uploaded the introductory parts but I’ve got a bunch more planned.

Why write a book you ask? Well, why not?

I wanted to have a side project I can work on. It’s something I can use to improve my writing, even more than on this blog. And it’s been on my bucket list forever. Now just felt like a good time to try my hand at it.

Cryptocurrencies is such a misunderstood topic where everyone seem to have an opinion, but the focus seem to only be on the speculative side. Unless of course they’re dismissed outright. All without an understanding of what they are and what they can do.

This is what the book is about. To explain what they are and how they can be useful. Time will tell if I manage to contribute anything to the subject or not.