An update on my book 'Why Cryptocurrencies?'

Five months ago I gloriously declared that “my book was done”. Since then I’ve been working hard to finish the book.

Sorry that’s a bit of a lie, I’ve had a nice long vacation where I didn’t work on the book and I’m also on part-time parental leave. And believe me there’s not a lot of time left over with two kids pulling for your attention.

Although they won’t be finished this year, I’ve made some good progress on the e-book and on formating the physical book and the goal is to have them ready some time next year. The plan is to release the e-book (PDF and epub) as pay-what-you-want for cryptocurrencies on my site while releasing it as normal on Amazon and similar.

I’ve also done a re-read of the book to make a bunch of fixes, so if you haven’t read the book yet now might be a good time. It’s completely free to read online.

Because I started the book almost two years ago (yikes!) there are some new events that I’ve added:

Yet I feel that nothing has really changed. The argument for cryptocurrencies are the same as two years ago, and they’re only growing stronger.