This is a somewhat curated list of my projects. You can find more on Github, although I’ve used it a little as a dumping ground for random stuff.

Why Cryptocurrencies?

I’m in the process of writing a book. It’s trying to explain what cryptocurrencies are, what they’re useful for and why they exist—in an approachable manner. It’s free to read online. Created with pollen using the lisp Racket.

Master's thesis

My master’s thesis made during the spring of 2015 where I developed a first version of Comordo Technologies’ recommendation system.


A third-party api for retrieving scheduling information from timeedit written in rust. Realized with a simple cli. Used to fetch schedule for Linköping’s University.


Me and two other students made a VHDL implementation of the Core Wars 88 standard. Core Wars is a computer game where two programs compete and try to destroy each other, read the wiki for more info. MARC is a microprogrammed processor with a Redcode assembler.

This Website

A static site made with Hakyll, written in Haskell. Continually updated and contains all posts I write.


Some fast game prototypes. Most were made in 7 days or 48 hours.


Ludum Dare 33


Ludum Dare 22

Grand Thief Arto

Java Course

Where's Teddy?

Game Design course